All investments come with a degree of risk. This holds true when it comes to investing in your house and the features that make it a home. Homeowners are faced with many options when it comes to building and renovating the largest investment in their lifetime. Like any investment, consumers seek ways of maximizing their return and, more importantly, protection against risk. Having safeguards against risk help consumers feel they have made a wise decision and that their investment is protected.

KP vinyl windows understand the importance of choosing the best product for a home. This 100% Canadian company is family owned and has been producing the highest quality window products for over half a century. KP Windows has created vinyl windows that last the test of time, with a warranty that exudes confidence. More importantly for the homeowner, The KP Vinyl Window Warranty minimises the risk that comes with making a significant investment.

How do they do it? It’s simple, they know what is important to homeowners. It’s the business that has been successful for generations; providing high quality products and protecting consumers’ investments. They take great pride in the craftsmanship and are backed up by the best warranty in the industry. Like hedging against any risk, you need to “cover all the bases”.


  • Accidental glass breakage? -Replaced – No Questions Asked.
  • Hardware failure? -Replaced- No Questions Asked.
  • Fog between the glass? – Seal failure coverage- No Questions Asked.
  • Frame/Sash warped or cracked? – Covered- No Questions Asked.

To top it all off, the warranty is not Pro-Rated and is fully transferable at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

If you wish to learn more about the KP windows warranty, simply visit our website at: